Christmas Business Plan Update: WORST holiday season ever!

Where do I start with my tale of woe? I have been the personal tackling dummy of Krampus.  He has tackled me up and down a football field, then propped me up, took five steps back, three steps to the left, and then repeatedly punted me the length of the field.

My tale of woe will began with my  Christmas Plan update.

  1. Christmas Plan Update:

Since posting my plan to make money during the holiday season instead of spending it, my plan has been destroyed. Shortly after making my post I went to Amazon to set up my own store so I could sell my hoverboards online. In the process of setting up my store I discovered that Amazon no longer allows merchants to sale hoverboards.  So, I started to do some Internet research on hoverboards and what did I find you ask? THEY ARE EXPLODING! Apparently, some models have defective batteries that are causing them to catch fire. Not sure if my supplier would be one selling defective equipment, but I decided not to order hoverboards and sell them even though they are still available on eBay. I am not prepared to accept the liability of one catching fire and harming a person or property. Bottom line, that plan is no longer a motion, back to the drawing board.

hoverboard--m_fire 3527610b

  1. Thanksgiving Fiasco

I finally get a break from school in order to visit my family. I pack my clothes, board the plane, and have an allergy attack as soon as I arrive. Not only do I have a scratchy throat, and runny nose but I’m sneezing constantly. Oh yes, I forgot to mention that I had a paper due three hours after I landed. So, I spent my Thanksgiving break highly medicated, sneezing, and of course working on my paper. My family was unable to spend time with me, because I spent the majority of that trip locked away in my room either working on my paper or taking medicine that cause me to sleep half of the day. When trying to eat dinner I could not taste the food. Thanks Obama!

  1. Visit by Krampus

I know you might think I went to see the movies, but no, he came to come see me! So after a long Christmas day of going around visiting family and seeing people I haven’t saw for a long time, went home at go to sleep early. I wanted to get up early the next morning and spend more time with loved ones. To my surprise at 3 AM I was awake again by a rumbling in my stomach this wasn’t a hungry rumble, it was a get up now rumble. I get to my bathroom sink and continue to vomit for the next 30 minutes. I make my way back to my bedroom text my brother to bring me over some soda and some Pepto, thank God he answered it. When he got there around 8 AM I was underneath two blankets with the heater on me directly with my back aching, stomach rumbling and chills. I spent the entire day trying to drink white soda and do as little moving as possible. Thanks Krampus!

  1. Flu during Finals

Yes! This is my absolute favorite! I had two weeks of finals planned studying for each one of my three exams. All of a sudden, you guessed it, I am sick with the flu for finals. In an attempt to improve my health, I decided to medicate and sleep in order to get well faster, but none of it worked. So after a week, I decided to just start studying and take my exams.  I ended up only having a day to study for each exam. People would shy away from me, because I wreaked of cough drops and vapor rub. Thanks influenza!

  1. Don’t Forget About Me

So, yesterday I wake up feeling great. It was a day just like any other got up for my morning shower, brushed my teeth, and got ready for work. I planned out my day in my head, to organize my responsibilities. I started my car with my remote and I walk around the house to make sure that I have not forgotten anything. When I walked outside I noticed that it was very windy, I thought to myself “man this weather is going to be rough especially when you’re missing a window in their car” which I was! Came around the corner to my driver side and I noticed that my window was laying on the side of my car. If you have not deduced from my imagery yes in fact someone had broken into my car. 

Yep the one day I decided to leave my wallet in the glove compartment, great idea I know. Before you ask me why I would leave my wallet in my car, I’ll tell you like I tell everyone else “it’s my wallet it’s my car and I’m not going to allow the surrounding environment dictate what I do.” So, I spent my day canceling credit cards, getting a new license, and replacing my window. Weird thought, I said to myself that if I was the person that broke into my car I would’ve been so disappointed and frustrated at the fact that I spent the time effort and put myself in danger enough to break into a person’s car that doesn’t have any money, I probably would’ve trashed my car because the person I stole from was broke. All they received was wallet credit cards that are now canceled and a GPS that didn’t really work. You’re Welcome!

Through all of this confusion and mayhem I would like to thank God for his abundant blessings. It doesn’t matter to me that these things happen, because I am blessed despite it all. I’m finding myself to be calmer as these things happen in my life. I’m noticing that even when I’m faced with adverse situations they work out for my benefit. So, as a friend told me maybe all these things are happening because I’m getting ready to receive something big. I just want to say I am thankful for the safety of my family that travels a lot, those that live in places that are experiencing severe weather, and friends of mine that are returning home from school. This blog post is not to render sympathy or damper someone else’s mood, it was to say “things happen, life happens but we just have to keep going.” Through it all recognize there is someone more powerful than you, which has laid out your path.

Be happy be safe and enjoy your holidays and look forward to some financial posts soon.



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  1. Awesome Ron. So proud of your peace dispite the adversity. God hedge of protection remain around you. May he Bless you from the crown of your head to the soles of your feet. May he shine his Blessed beam to light the path of your ordered steps.

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