How to Make Money for Christmas!

How to Make Money for Christmas!

Hello Family,

I know it has been awhile since I have posted. Between researching for this post and studying for finals I did not have the time to post.  
This all began with a phone call I received  from my little sister.  She called to ask me what I wanted for Christmas.  I told her that all I wanted from her and my little brother was for them to do their best in school. That led to a conversation we had last summer about their future plans. During that conversation , I read to them biographies of kids that made millions of dollars before their twentieth birthday.  I told them that was my expectation for them.  Before the phone call ended I reminded her that she only had a few years left to accomplish that milestone.  As always I told her that I am available to assist her in doing so.
Next, I began to surf YouTube. I arrived at the channel of Mysticgotjokes, which is a regular destination of mine.  Mystic has a very popular prank channel as well as a popular Vlog channel. He is a very humorous individual that encourages his viewers to accomplish their goals.  Also, watching his vlog you would notice that he is always on his  hoverboard!  Whenever he has a party the first thing people want to do is to ride his hoverboard! So I said, “MAYBE I SHOULD BUY MY SIBLINGS HOVERBOARDS!” 
As I began to search for hoverboards for them, I saw where the price for them can range from $600 to $1000.  Then I realized instead of spending money for Christmas, I would make some money.  I decided to turn this situation into a way to set an example for my siblings. I said I would find a way to sell hoverboards and make money for Christmas.  After 3 months I will sit down with my family and breakdown  my experience and results. That way my experience could serve as motivation and a blueprint for my sister and brother.   
As I researched suppliers I came across  On, they sale a variety of  hoverboards at a price that will allow me an opportunity to sale hoverboards at a profit.  Considering that the many of their models do not cost over $400, it will allow me to add hundreds more to my sale price.   I also like that when I order over 100 units at a time I can receive a 10% discount on each unit.  May I add that they have free shipping!
The Plan
Right now the plan is to order 100 units and have them shipped to a Amazon warehouse. If I set up a Amazon account I can have them process my orders. As people order the hoverboards, Amazon will process their payments and ship them directly to the customers and I’ll just be charged I small fee.  That way I can sit back and collect a check. 
What’s your plan?
All of the suggestions are for education purposes only, and not an endorsement.  Please conduct research prior to implementing any method.



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